World Heart Observatory Launch Event

1 February 2022

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) causes 18.6 million deaths globally every year. A staggering number, and one that risks to obscure the threads of hope and opportunities for innovation that can help reduce the global burden of CVD. At the World Heart Federation, we believe that some of those threads of hope can be found in data and its nuances – nuances that can tell interesting stories and help guide effective policymaking. For policymakers, health professionals, advocates, or scientists, data can help drive better policies, better health interventions, and better insight into the epidemiology of disease. On 1 February, we invite you to join us for the virtual launch of the World Heart Observatory – a new hub for high-quality data on cardiovascular health, collated from diverse set of international data sources. Openly accessible to all thanks to the generous support of the Novartis Foundation, the Observatory will capture existing data points, highlight initiatives addressing CVD, and share the latest knowledge and research in cardiovascular health.

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