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Noa would be the first person to contact us. A group of medical students from Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, would come to Portugal on a trip and wanted to get to know our Campus, which seemed to replicate the same concept of a University Hospital, still using Research. Challenge accepted, otherwise this was one of the great challenges of our Director, Prof. João Eurico da Fonseca, the Faculty once again opened the doors of the Campus with the usual help of the Hospital and the iMM. This morning, 70 medical students, from different years, arrived at the Campus grateful for the reception and for the prepared organization. From VMER and its sirens on, to the careful visit to the Neurocritics, to the explanations at the Science Laboratory, to the personalized interaction in the Simulation Center with the virtual glasses, there were several shared experiences. This morning when they were received by the Clinical Director of our Hospital, Prof Rui Tato Marinho, the Director of the Heart and Vases Service and former Director of the Faculty, Prof Fausto Pinto and by the President of the Pedagogical Council, Prof Maria José Diógenes, They couldn’t be more grateful for the welcome and time given. In farewell to this intense half day, European ties were strengthened, as congratulations were sung with one voice to our student André Arantes, celebrating his 23rd birthday today. For all these moments to happen, we know that no matter how much we organize our visits, it is all the people who make this house, which is our Campus. We are therefore this team that celebrates each other. Every day. Thank you for your visit and joy. Congratulations to you, André, for still not knowing how to say no. After all, we are made of this good stuff.

Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa NorteErasmus University Rotterdam

Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte

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